Thursday, August 27

New Year's Eve

Who out there is already making plans for New Year's Eve?
I know that it takes more four months until the time, but the New Year's Eve is one of the times when people travels more to watch the fireworks throughout the world. Planning all as far from the date as we can, in this case, is the key to success, because if we follow the Portuguese habit of leaving everything to the last minute we end up sitting on the couch (or up on the chair) counting the chimes with aunty Teresa, or Julinha.
So, let's suggest some places to give you some ideas.

Madeira: Because what is Portuguese is good, I couldn't start with any other destination. Madeira Fireworks have long been considered the most beautiful and are part of the Guinness World Records book as the world's largest fireworks show. The travel options are many with the best hotels offering several packages for the night. Gonna miss?

Paris: It is known for many as the city of love and is a destination that's worth a visit at any time of year. What many don't know is that Paris is also known as the "City of Light" for becoming specially lighted in New Year's Eve. I can already imagine ourselves raising the champagne glass, next to our soul-mates, while we shout Bonne Année, at the sound of the Fireworks that light up, the already beautiful, Eiffel Tower. Nice picture?

London: Londres ficaria com você bem mais bonita, ficaria com você mais colorida, ficaria com você, com você… Who knows this brazilian song? London is even more beautiful and more colorful in New Year's Eve! Again, here the options are many too, but for me the most beautiful one is watch the Westminster Fireworks. On one side the London Eye, on the other the Big Ben and in the middle the boats sending the fire to the sound of the famous clock chimes. Unfortunately, it seems that now they charge tickets to see the show, so if it seems well to you, hurry up!

Brazil: And who doesn't want to leave the cold weather and enjoy New Year's Eve dressed white with the feet in the sand? I can't chose only one city in Brasil, so here are a few:

Rio de Janeiro - From fireworks to music concerts, the seafront of the city receives more than 2 million people in this time of the year. The main concentration is in Copacabana Beach where from 2011 to 2012, the fireworks show lasted 16 minutes.

São Paulo - Here the celebrations begins in the afternoon with the famous São Silvestre Race with 15km around the city center. At night the party is made on Paulista Avenue where there are fireworks and music shows.

Fortaleza - Considered in 2012 as the 2nd city with the largest New Year's Eve (second only to Rio de Janeiro) Fortaleza attracts more than 1 million viewers. The fireworks display is fired from Spike Democrito Dummar accompanied by a soundtrack made especially for the festival, creating in the sky a beautiful choreography of colors, music and lights.

New York - Finally I couldn't miss this opportunity to suggest one of the most famous celebrations of New Year's Eve in the world. Preceded by a musical performance, is close to midnight that the ball starts falling in Times Square representing the last seconds of the year and among confetti and kisses arrives the new year lighted by the skyscrapers that make this city one of the most beautiful in the world.

Leave us too your suggestions and, when the time comes, we want your videos and photos!
Counting down,