Thursday, August 27

Made In Portugal #3

As you know, we like to share the best artists made in Portugal. Diogo Piçarra is the definition of it. I decided I had to talk about him in this serie a long time ago, but after watching this video, I said: it has to be today! I could have chosen Tu e Eu or Breve or Volta or any other, because all of them make so much sense, but I chose this one for all of the reasons and some more. Apart from being perfectly well-written (as all the others indeed) the video is very well connected with the words, and just artists like him can do that! I could keep writing about how good Diogo is, but you just need to listen to him to realize it!

Eu sei, a ouvir-te a vida vai bem =) - I know, when I am listening you life goes well =)

Guadalupe Barajas Há 4 horas
No me canso de escucharlo<3 Saludos desde México! - I can’t stop listening <3 Best Regards from Mexico
czargeorix Há 6 horas
Não gosto de café, mas este adoro! =) - I don’t like coffee, but I love this one! =)
fernando fernandes Há 3 horas
Verão que é verão não podia terminar da melhor maneira com esta grande musica e este excelente video!!! Para quem te apelida de "lamechas", (de certeza que não te conhece e nunca foi a um concerto teu ao vivo) está aqui a prova provada que com esta excelente musica mostraste que não é bem assim e vê-se que tens os teus fãs no coração ao ponto de partilhares imagens deles no teu video. Muitos parabéns e continuação do excelente trabalho!!! - Summer that is summer could not finish in the best way without this great music and video !!! For those who nicknamed you "lame" (certainly they don't know you and have never been in a live concert of yours) here's the evidence proved that, with this excellent music, you showed that this is not the case and we can see that you have your fans in your heart for share images of them in your video. Congratulations and continue the excellent work !!!
Fátima Valente Há 2 horas
o melhor de todos, sempre a crescer, cada vez maior, mereces mais que tudo! és enorme Diogo - The best, always growing up, bigger than ever, you deserve it more than anything! You are huge Diogo
Diogo Piçarra – Short Coffee (Expresso)

I know,
Not always in life goes well
Sometimes seems that it's late
And anothers they call you a coward.
It is not,
As you neighbor tells you
Sunday movie on TV
And that false friend of yours.
What life gives you
It's the best lesson,
You will see that one day is just you!
One day is just you!
You will see that one day is just you!
Will be only you!
You will see that one day is just you,
One day is just you.
You will see that one day is just you!

I know, life has only two days,
In the first you complain,
The other you lose in the queue.

So come and see,
That doubt makes the world,
He doesn’t stop for a second,
Drink your short coffee (expresso).

And you'll miss the place,
There’s only one session,
Today the boss is you! (5x)

Today the boss is you! (8x)
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