Thursday, August 6

Lisbon, my love #3 | The National Pantheon

The Portuguese expression says it all: what is national is good. Even if it is for the meaningless reason. But, this time, it has indeed a big motive. The National Pantheon is the roof for the most important Portuguese people and therefore it always deserves a visit. I haven't been in the Pantheon for a few years and this time I decided to go. My big motive was love, since Eusébio had his deserved place just less than a month ago. And I went there, on an excursion through Alfama, visiting him. He was the only one with flowers. Him and Amália, the big Diva of Fado, in another room, who I also love so much. And it was amazing. It seems like the Pantheon and the view caresses our soul. And there is nothing better than a view over Lisboa, "menina e moça", for someone like me. 
The visit to the National Pantheon is now payed: 4€. If you go on the first Sunday of the month is free. And it is very worth it :)