Saturday, July 11

Youtuber of the month #3

After two male youtubers, this month we selected one of the most famous women on YouTube. Her name is Zoe Sugg, known as Zoella. She has more than 8 million subscribers, so she doesn't need any kind of presentation. However, for those who are a bit distracted, Zoe is 25 years old and she created her YouTube channel, as well as her blog, in 2009. She isn't a traveller blogger, but because we are women too, she talks about interesting things for us like beauty and fashion. She also does really funny tutorials which are worth to check. In 2013 she was mentioned as one of "Britain's most influential Tweeters" by The Telegraph and in 2014 she published her first novel called “Girl Online”. I chose this video because it can be very useful when we travel and we think: “am I forgetting something?”.

Who is your favourite youtuber? Tell us all about him/her and maybe he/she will be chosen as our youtuber of the month!