Sunday, July 5

Fashion for travellers | SUMMER

This is a travel blog but it's also about whatever we want. Today I bring you the most feminine side of the blog, which is after all written by two women and, therefore, we also like the fashion side. I thought about showing you what I think it is indispensable for the ones who travel, from head to toe!

On sunny days we can't forget about the typical straw hat! Besides giving you a lot of style, it protects your head and face. We should never forget our sunscreen and sunglasses, always with UV protection.
During summer, and because it's the high season and a lot of people travel during this time, it is important to think about comfort too: we're visiting new places but we don't want blisters! Then we can use the famous alpargatas, they're an excellent option.

So we don't worry too much about the space in our luggage, we should choose clothes like dresses or jumpsuits, because they make the outfit complete from the moment you put it on. If you're not really a fan, choose shorts and comfy trousers instead!
Last but not least, we shouldn't leave behind that, usually on summer holidays, we walk a looot, and our back shouldn't suffer with it. Then the backpacks come along, which can be from all colours and sizes, and certainly will be way more comfortable than the typical bags! For colder nights, choose a great denim jacket, which is always in, or a scarf that protects you from the wind!
I hope you like it and... happy travelling!! :)