Thursday, July 2

Speak globaly #3 | SKYPE

This one is based on a Skype conversation with people from all around the world. The most amazing thing when you meet someone who doesn't talk the same language as you is asking “How do you say this…Or this…?”. So here it is what we have learned!

Olá – Portuguese
Hallo - Dutch
Ciao - Italian
Hoi - Vietnamit
Hola – Spanish
Kumusta - Philippine

‎How are you? 
Hoe gaat het? - Dutch
Come stai? - Italian
Kumusta ka? - Philippine
Como estás – Portuguese
¿Como estas? - Spanish

My name is... 
‎Mijn naam is… - Dutch
Il mio nome è... - Italian
Mi nombre es – Spanish
O meu nome é… - Portuguese

I am ... years old 
Tengo … años – Spanish
Ik ben ... Jaar oud – Dutch
Eu tenho … anos - Portuguese

I love you 
Ik hou van jou – Dutch
Amo-te – Portuguese
Te quiero - Spanish
Mahal kita - Philippine
Ti amo – Italian
Jeg elsker deg – Norwegian
Ma armastan Sind – Stonian
Ich liebe dich - Deutsch
Je T'aime - French

I am from... England
Eu sou de Portugal - Portuguese
Soy de Ecuador - Spanish
Ik kom uit Nederland - Dutch

Tot ziens - Dutch
Adeus – Portuguese
Doei – Dutch
Adios – Spanish
Ciao – Italian
Paalam - Philippine

You're beautiful 
Sei bellissima - Italian
Maganda ka – Philippine
Eres hermosa – Spanish
Je bent mooi – Dutch
Tu és linda – Portuguese

So thank you very much to everyone from the Chat 19:

Chat 19 is the best 
A conversa 19 é a melhor - Portuguese
La chat 19 è la migliore - Italian
Groep 19 is de beste - Dutch

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Follow me
Segue-me - Portuguese
Volg me – Dutch
Sígueme - Spanish

Last but not least we all love Jack and Finn for giving us the opportunity to talk with people from all around the world! <3

We love Jack and Finn 
Nós amamos o Jack e o Finn - Portuguese
Amamos a Jack y a Finn - Spanish
Mahal Namin si Jack at Finn - Philippine
Amiamo Jack e Finn - Italian