Friday, July 31

Holiday in Algarve | PORTUGAL

The holiday started on 10th July at 7 in the morning, when we headed to Armação de Pêra, Algarve. We drove 272km in about 2h and a half. Yes, pretty nice time! When we arrived, unpacking was the first thing to do. The 10 days we spent in Armação de Pêra were enough to get a really nice tan, a little sunburnt, and driving to the place we were last year and the true paradise: Alvor. As we all know, Algarve is known for its amazing beaches and sunsets, nice people and really hot weather. I saw 40 degrees everytime I entered the car! But, oh well, it is the dream. It was the most incredible 10 days, enough to recharge batteries and enjoy the sun. Hope you like the pictures and make sure to visit it! :) 

The view from the house we rented, in Porches

The crowded swimming pool

Armação de Pêra