Thursday, June 11

Youtuber of the month #2

This time the youtuber of the month is not just one, but two! They are twins, they're British, and, just like us, they love to travel.
I found them about (hum I am not good with time) 2 years ago?! Sofia told me something like “Look I found a channel of two hot guys on Youtube, you have to see it!” and after this, I really had to watch the videos!
I became a huge fan, not just because they're hot (even though the first impression counts the most, don’t make a full of yourself) but because of their personality, which they show us on the other side of the camera.
First was Jack, Finn was next, and soon they were followed by more than 4 million of people, and they jumped, literally, from their room to the world. Today they show us, on Youtube and on their website, countries that probably aren't famous in travel agencies, others who are, but most of all they show us principles, because it is what the world needs the most: principles!
Terrorism is the most talked about lately so I leave you with this video and the equality principle. Our beliefs are just our beliefs, and the respect for the others should be our biggest belief of all!

Much Love,