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Speak globaly #2 | POPULAR EXPRESSIONS

"Mais vale tarde que nunca!" - "Better later than never!"

It could have been earlier, but it was when I read this article that I found relevant to talk about this topic. Popular expressions are part of the roots of communities, and for those who are coming from outside, it can be a little difficult to understand them in the beginning. So, if you want to speak globally this can be quite useful to you!


Dar gasosa - give a baksheesh / extra money for a service  
Vou-me fugar - flee (usually from an obligation)
Tirar o pé (take the foot) / Tirosa / Sai voado - go away
Dar jajão - lie
Boelar - being passive / don't respond
Apanhar a pata (take the paw) - have control over someone 
Ver fumo / Ver bilhas (see smoke/ see a gaj jar) - have a difficulty in some situation 
Calça queima bilhas (Pants who burn gas jars) - skinny jeans
Bem cacimbado - with some spare time
Levar um mambo militar - be subjected to an extreme reaction
Não maia - Don't fail
Dar bilingue (give bilingual) - lie / cheat
Não há maca - no problem


Abotoar o paletó / Bater com as dez (Buttoning his jacket / Banging the ten) - to die
Ao pé da letra (Close to the letter) - literally
Babar ovo (Drool the egg) - idolise unconditionally 
Bom de bico (Beaked good) - gallant 
Chutar o balde (Kick the bucket) - discard a problem
Cutucar a onça com vara curta (Poke the ounce with short stick) - provoke
Dar um de João sem braço (Act like a John without arm) - not want understand 
Deitar o cabelo (Pour the hair) - run a lot 
Ensacar fumaça / Enxugar gelo  (Bagging the smoke / Wipe the ice) - do a useless work  
Estar com a corda toda (Being with all the rope) - be excited
Fazer boca de siri (Make crab mouth) - keep a secret
Fazer nas coxas (Do it on the thighs) - be carelessly
Galinha que acompanha pato, morre afogada (A chicken following a duck ends drowned)
- want to do the same as the others
Ir catar coquinho (Go pick coconuts) - go do something else
Ir para o espaço (Go to the space) - fail / go wrong
Jogado para escanteio (Played for a corner) - put aside
Lascar o pudim (Chipping the pudding) - to speed 
Mudar do saco para a mala (Changing from bag to bag) - change the subject
Não fazer bom cabelo (Not making good hair) - don't listen  
Pagar o pato (Pay the duck) - be blamed for something that didn't 
Quebrar o galho (Smash the branch) - to improvise
Ser uma mão na roda (Be a hand on a wheel) - be helpful
Trocar as bolas (Change the balls) - be confused
Voltar à vaca fria (Return to the cold cow) - go to the principal subject again


Abrir o jogo (Open the game) - to denounce 
Armado até aos dentes (Armed to the teeth) - be ready for any situation
Bater com a cabeça na parede (Banging with the head against the wall) - learn with the own mistakes
Baixar a bola (Keep the ball low) - be calm
Calinada - gaffe / grammar error
Com uma perna às costas (With one leg to the back) - without difficulty
Dar o braço a torcer (Give the arm to twist) - to agree with someone
Dar com a língua nos dentes (Hit the teeth with the tongue) - tell a secret of someone to someone
Encostar a roupa ao pêlo (Approach the clothes to the hairs) - hit someone
Estar feito ao bife (Be made to the steak) - be in trouble
Fazer vista grossa (Make a thick eye) - pretend don't see
Fazer um negócio da China (Make a China business) - take a grand opportunity
Ir aos arames (Go to the wires) - be annoyed
Meter os pés pelas mãos (Put the feet instead of the hands) - be confused about a subject 
Meter o rabo entre as pernas (Put your tail between your legs) - submit
Nem que a vaca tussa (Not even if the cow cough) - no way
Pensar na morte da bezerra (Thinking on the calf death) - being distracted 
Pregar uma peta - lying
Riscar no mapa (Scratch out of the map) - make someone disappear 
Sem pés nem cabeça (Without feet or head) - without logic
Segurar a vela (Hold the candle) - being alone with a couple
Ter lata (Have can) - shameless
Trepar paredes (Climbing walls) - being desperate
Uma mão lava a outra (e as duas lavam as orelhas) / One hand washes the other (and the two wash the ears) - teamwork
Vira o disco e toca o mesmo (Flip the disc and plays the same) - always talk about the same subject

There are a lot more, but for now leave you with these illustrative images. See you on the next speak globally!

Monkeys in the head
Smash all the dishes

Go with the pigs

Piss Camões

information from wikipedia*