Wednesday, June 3

Speak globaly #1 | ITALIAN

Ciao, tutto bene?

Today I'm going to teach you some expressions in Italian! Even thought I don't speak it fluently, I searched for a while and I found the basic expressions and also a few funny italian proverbs, which are a lot like the Portuguese ones. I love the italian language, it has a je ne sais quoi that I really can't explain. We all know Italian people talk with their hands but their accent is also absolutely amazing! And the pizzas and pastas, yes...
I would love to learn Italian in the future and go to Italy to practice a little. You know practice leads to perfection! But, for now, I'm staying with the provers and with some really funny italian expressions! Stay tuned for more languages in the future! :)

Ciao - Hello/Hi
Buongiorno - Good morning
Buonasera - Good night
Tutto bene? - How are you?/What's up?
Come sta/stai? - How are you doing?
Arrivederci - See you
Addio - Goodbye
Un bacio - A kiss 
Mi chiamo... - My name is...
Come ti chiami? - What's your name?
Sono nato a... - I was born in... 
Di dove sei? - Where are you from?
Quanti anni hai? - How old are you?
Ho (...) anni - I am (...) years old

Altri tempi, altri costumi.
Other times, other traditions.

L'apparenza inganna. 
Appearances are deceptive.

Can che abbaia non morde. 
Barking dogs never bite.

Le bugie hanno le gambe corte. 
Lies have short legs.

Il fine giustifica i mezzi. 
The end justifies the means.

L'amor รจ pazzo e cieco. 
Love is blind.

Meglio tardi che mai. 
Better late than never.

Ride bene chi ride ultimo. 
He who laughs last, laughs the longest.

And, last but not least, here it comes THE tip to speak Italian! If you really want to learn, you can always sign up on Duolingo, a free website where you can learn every language! Buona fortuna!