Friday, June 5

Dream Destination | SOUTH AFRICA

We are back with another dream destination! Until now we have been in Europe and Asia. This time we fly to Africa, more precisely to South Africa, our dream destination this week!
With more than 54 million people, this is a country completely turned to the ocean and it has absolutely amazing landscapes, from beaches to mountains (it has the oldest mountains in the world!). If you love nature and animals this is the perfect country for you to visit, also because South Africa has something that should definitely be shared: a penguin colony living in a beach just for themselves, in Cape Town!
There are obviously some experiences that can't be missed: the famous wine route - the biggest in the world -, the romantic visits to Cape Town, the KwaZulu Natal province, which has beaches, mountains, nature and everything you can imagine. It's the perfect country for adventure: from safaris, swimming with sharks and kayak with crocodiles, you just have to choose and pray everything will be okay!
I wouldn't mind to go there for a few days, to the country where the sun is always (or almost always) present. Who else would like to go too?

Cape Town
Beach in KwaZulu Natal

Beach in Cape Town
Cape Town
Swimming with sharks... Oh my god!!
KwaZulu Natal 
KwaZulu Natal
Wine route 

*all the pictures were taken from Google