Tuesday, June 30

Blog of the month | TUROMAQUIA

As you know, we joined to the world of travel blogs just a little time ago, so, the blog of this month, has also been discovered by us recently. Despite of I don't have had, yet, the proper time to explore the Turomaquia from side to side, I found it really interesting, so I decided to share it with you guys. It’s in portuguese again but I promise that the next will be in english. Who writes it is Patricia de Camargo, she was born in Brasil, lives in the Canary Islands and visited a big part of the world. The blog is well organised and talks about a bit of everything from tips, itineraries, hotels, restaurants, places to visit until free guides from the most visited museums in the world. You can, and you should, follow it on facebook, twitter and youtube. Patrcia's blog is a world, who talks about the world, and I hope that it will be part of your world as is already in ours!