Saturday, May 23

Recipes of the World | HOLLAND

First country with recipes on the blog! Holland doesn't have as many traditional recipes as Portugal, neither it has a very rich cousine, but it has a lot of good stuff which makes our mouth water! The most well known recipe are the stroopwafels but there are also other sweet cakes with a lot of calories. Holland is also known for their cheese, Gouda, and for eating raw fish (haring)! Let's start?

1. Poffertjes 

Poffertjes are like mini pancakes, usually served with butter and sugar powder. These sweets are commonly made during the winter! It looks really good, right?

2. Bitterballen 

Bitterballen are very similar to croquettes, which the Dutch also have (the kroket), and it has a mixture of beef, butter, parsley, salt and pepper inside. It's like a fried meatball! The bitterballen are usually served with mustard. Yum!

3. Stroopwafels 

The stroopwafels are those cookies that nobody can die without trying it! Basically it's a waffle with a cookie texture filled with a caramel and cinnamon cream. It is absolutely amazing. Everyone brings stroopwafels everytime they go to Holland!

4. Haring

The Dutch, mainly in Amsterdam, eat a lot of haring. It's basically a fish seasoned with onion and salt which is left to marinate during a few days and then they eat it without cooking, usually with bread. A little bit disgusting!

5. Stamppot

This one is a typical dinner recipe. It's made of mashed potatoes mixed with kale or other vegetables, and served with a sausage! It's usually for winter days.

Besides the traditional recipes, in Holland they generally eat "plate" food at dinner, which happens around 17h in the afternoon, when everyone comes back from work! At lunch they eat bread with cheese or chicken, and at breakfast the most famous thing is eating bread with chocolate sprinkles with butter or peanut butter!