Wednesday, May 27

Liverpool | Albert Dock

The new pictures of my new home town have arrived! Unfortunately, when I decided to go out to take some pics of this beautiful city, I opened the door and guess what? Clouds, rain and wind (it looks like winter). I closed the door immediately, went to grab my great friend called umbrella (which is very strong and it was only £3) and went back outside again, because today you deserved some pics.
Back outside, my coat was on, bag on my back, umbrella opened, headphones in, camera on my hands and here I go. The result became better than what I was expecting, and now I’m feeling like a professional photographer (although I used the automatic mode, sorry to my Photography teacher).

First stop on our tour: Albert Dock

Albert Dock is one of the most turistic spots in Liverpool, and to me it was love at first sight. It has a giant wheel (well, not as big as the London Eye), which I didn’t had the opportunity to visit yet, but certainly I will very soon.

You can also visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum where you can see the exhibition called “Titanic and Liverpool: The untold story”, as well as the Liverpool Museum and the International Slavery Museum, etc.

If you like running or walking, this is the perfect place to do it because you can also admire the beautiful views. But if you like cycling you can always rent a bike and ride until the time is over.

If you love the idea of the padlocks on the Pont des Art, in Paris, such as I do, you can also do it here! There are lots of padlocks spread on the chains close to the river, so if you come to Liverpool you can literally lock yourself to the dock.
Albert Dock stays close to many restaurants, pubs, 2 hotels (one is Hilton), Liverpool One (giant mall that I will show you soon) and stops of many buses.

That is all for today, but I promise to tell you all the details about every atraction, as well as show you Liverpool with a blue sky.

4039km away,