Thursday, May 28

How to get a room/apartment | BEFORE YOU GO

Yep... Here it is, one of the most famous subjects when moving to another country. Where the heck am I going to live? There are a few options: you can rent a room, a studio, an apartment... But which one is the most economic? And the best? And with the best view? There are a lot of questions that come up and not always we have the right answers for every single one. Sometimes, the best is to pray and hope for the best.
When we decide to move to another country, or just another city, we always have to think about two things: do we wanna live in the center or in the suburbs? I know the word suburbs isn't the best but the truth is they exist and the houses/rooms there are a lot cheaper. But then we also have the subject transportation. If we're going to live in the suburbs but we work/study in the center of the city, we are also going to spend money on trains, subway, buses. And, therefore, not always the cheaper option is the best!
We can start our journey of finding a room on a website. I chose Nestpick because it has a lot of cities available and rooms/aparments with nice prices!

After you open the home page, you just have to choose the city you want and when you want to move in and out. It's easy and quick and in a matter of seconds you'll see a lot of rooms available.

In this case, just to explain to you, I chose Amsterdam, between October and June 2016.

On the right side you can see the location of the rooms and you can also see that, the closer to the center, the more expensive it gets. It's completely your choice! But always think the location is the main thing you have to think about: not too close and not too far, enough to be comfortable, close to the places that are important and which you need the most.
The rooms are always private, some also have a private bathroom. Everytime you click on one, you'll see a few pictures and information about the room/apartment. In this case, in Holland, you pay the rent including all costs like electricity, water, internet or heating system.

After a lot of research, that is always needed, you just have to book! Of course not every website works like this one, sometimes you have to contact the person with who you are going to live with or with the person who will rent you the aparment. The important thing is to always read the FAQ or the Terms and Conditions so you know everything and nothing misses out! A lot of times you have to pay a certain amount to make the reservation or even pay a monthly rent before you move. Every situation exists and it's essential to know all the details.
But of course getting a room or an apartment not always has to be done on the internet. There is people who choose to go to a hotel first and then look for a room!
Think positive. Everyone knows that when you move to another country you leave behind your house, your bed, your pillow. But the important is to think that on the other side is something good, new people, new cultures to know! If you think about living with another people, always think about the things you can learn from them, mainly if they're from the country you're moving to. You'll have tourist guides for free! :)
I leave you with some websites that can be useful if you're looking for a room or apartment. Good luck!