Thursday, May 21

Everything you need to know before travelling | BEFORE YOU GO

When we decide to make a trip to somewhere, whether is short or a long one, we always feel that coldness in our stomach: what if we forget something?, can I take this with me?, is it going to be good weather?, etc, etc. Well, especially when we go abroad, it's always good to know the country's rules, what to visit (always try to make plans), and also the essentials to carry in our luggage because the airports have very restrict rules.
My first tip for a trip is very simple: everytime I'm packing I always look myself in the mirror. Calm down, I'm not that vain! So I don't forget anything, I keep looking myself in the mirror from head to toe: what do I need on my face? Moisturiser, make-up, shampoo, etc. And the logic is always the same. We just have to keep looking and think about what do we use daily. This strategy never fails!
But well, what I really have to say is never take too many things with you! Even if it is a monthly trip. I know for women it is hard to take only a few clothes, but try to make different sets using only a shirt, for example. And always think you can shop in your final destination, so nothing will ever be missing. And also think about the souvenirs!
Regardless the airports, it's important to know that, nowadays in Europe, every liquid you take should be inside of a plastic bag and every product shouldn't have more than 100ml. You can know more about it here and also read the TAP recommendations about luggage. And, well, never lie to the security guys ha ha!
Another tip I can give you is always try to sleep well in the night before the flight, mainly if you're a bit scared of flying! I love it but I also know it can be a bit uncomfortable if it's a long flight and if you're tired it just gets a lot worse. Always try to bring something to do: a book to read, a series to watch, a game, etc.
Last but not least, never forget the essential items: passport, wallet, glasses for those who need it, medication (you never know!) and chargers!
Know more about it here.