Friday, May 22

Dream destinations | THAILAND

*Sigh* Thailand... It is such a paradise. With more than 66 million people, this country only makes me wonder and crave it. I have never been in love with the asian continent before, but lately, everytime I go on Google and type something related to it, I can only think I really, really wanna go!
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, between Cambodia, Vietnam and Malasya and has a-m-a-z-i-n-g beaches, capable of making anyone cry for more. It has a completely different culture from the european one and that just makes it even more interesting to visit. At least for me! I can only imagine myself laying in the white sand, my feet in the blue water, eating amazing thai food and watching the sunset. I could spend at least a month doing it. For now, we have only the pictures*...

If you already had the privilege to go to Thailand, tell us about it!

Thailand islands
Thailand resort 

Yummy food...
 Bangkok Grand Palace
Wat Arun

*all the pictures were taken from Google