Friday, May 29

Dream Destination | GREECE

After Sofia revealed her first dream destination, now it is my turn. This week we go to... *drum roll* Greece!
Even though lately we have only heard bad things about this country, the truth is there are many good things to talk about. Cradle of civilization, father and mother of democracy, occidental philosophy and Olympic Games, Greece caught my eye through a brazilian novel and it never disappeared from my memory.
It was in 2005 when the novel was on the Portuguese television, and although I don't remember anything about the story (yes because I was *1+4+300-5x46-3…* 10 years old?!) I never forgot the shots of the little white houses, all on top of each others, with a sea sight, where, even today, I have the dream to live in.
With about 11 million habitants, Greece is located in South Europe, near Asia and Africa and also the Middle East, and it is filled with touristic places that remind us of the beginning of civilization. All of this without mentioning the beautiful islands surrounded by the blue and crystal water of the famous Mediterranean Sea.
This is my dream destination for almost 10 years, and despite being close to Portugal, I never went there, but I hope to go soon. I leave you with the stunning pictures of Greece and, you already know, if you went there, live there or share the same dream with me, send us your story!


Oia, Santorini

*all the pictures were taken from Google