Friday, May 29


Another story, this time we talk about travelling and work. When you travel and work at the same time, sometimes you don’t have time to enjoy the city, but it's always good to go out, take some fresh air and see the views. Once you’re there, you just have to enjoy it!

Cláudia Oliveira, 21 years old, dancer and dance teacher.

“Because of my job, I was “forced” to travel to have dance classes, inside and outside of Portugal. Obviously, to visit another culture is always amazing and surprising. I can say that I’ve already done a few trips to Spain, France, Tunisia and, now, Brazil, which I admit: it is exactly like we see in the novels. Rio is beautiful, it has great views and it is, with no doubt, a trip to add on your list! However for those who think that “Brazil is always sun and good weather”, well, it’s not! For those who go to enjoy the beach, May and June are not the perfect months for it, probably there will be rain and cold weather at night (we can’t forget that those months are the Winter in the South hemisphere)! Everybody told me to be careful when on the streets “you’re not in Portugal” (this because I went just with a friend to Rio de Janeiro at 1am… Am I crazy now? Nope, we just didn’t want to miss anything of this trip! Oh yes, because Brazil is a giant country and everything is far away! We took 6 hours by bus to go from São Paulo to Rio!), however, I don’t know if it was because of the increased attention, everything was good, and we are now safe and sound!
About my trips, I can’t choose my favourite one because I keep such great, different and special memories and moments of all of them! But I have to admit that countries where kindness and good weather are catch my attention!
From all the trips I did, I’m honestly going to say: I never planned much, I knew where were the places which I needed to go to do the classes and to sleep (except Spain where we slept on the airport floor… Something I don’t advice, because you’ll probably be awakened by a random guy who will force you to get up!) but everything else was an adventure.”

If you want to know more, visit Claudia’s Facebook page and find every detail in real time!

I leave you with Claudia’s photos and well, you know, send us your adventures too!

Rio de Janeiro - Sight from Christ the Redeemer

Rio de Janeiro - Botanical Garden

Rio de Janeiro - Lage Park View

Rio de Janeiro - School of Visual Arts of Park Lage

Rio de Janeiro - Copacabana Beach

São Paulo - Batman alley (street full of graffiti)

São Paulo - Freedom Neighborhood

São Paulo - Batman alley (street full of graffiti)