Monday, May 4

20 years vs 23kg - Who wins? | BEFORE YOU GO

This was my battle in the past 3 days. How can I put 20 years of history in one bag that can't pass 23kg? If you know the answer to it, please tell me!
Making my dilemma even worse, I wondered "what can I leave behind and what is it indispensable to take with me?". There are two voices always by my side! One says: “Take just the essential!”, “The most important things are the documents!”, “You are not going to the desert!”, “You can buy that in Liverpool!”. The other says: “What if you need that upon arrival?”, “It is best to take it!”, “Better safe than sorry!”, “Just one more little thing, it doesn’t weight that much!”. And these are all of those dictations, older than my grandma, that give me an excuse to put just one more thing in the luggage.
What happens in the end? Easy answer: one luggage with 24kg, a hand bag with 10kg, a necessaire, a computer bag and also that tiny little (obviously I’m being ironic) hand bag that can’t be left behind by a lady. Next to it, I add 10 Hail Mary, 5 Our Father and all the fingers crossed so that no one forces me to take even one sock off the bag.

Advice: Don't be so materialist as I am! Although I know that my history isn't written in all of my stuff, everything reminds me of something. Something that can't be left behind.

Now is time to take a deep breath, relax and hope that all the airport saints will be with me.

Round 1: 20 years 1 - 0 23kg

4039km away and praying,

P.S.: this helps a lot!