Thursday, April 23

The First

Hello everyone!

How could we start the blog? We're not really sure. The beginning is always the hardest part. 
This blog isn't just another blog. No. It's a project. 

It was created with a lot of love and affection thinking of us, but also of you. We are Sofia and Filipa, two travel and outside world lovers. To start one of the most exciting journeys of our lives, we decided to create a blog, among with other social networks, so that we can share everything about it. Original, right? We know.
We could do a great introduction right now but we want that our blog, and everything else, speak for itself. Here we will post everything related with our great adventure, like photos, videos and so on. We promise to do an awesome journey like Benfica (big fans here!), and mainly we want to count with your support as well. This blog isn't just about us and our daydreams: we want your stories, whether you're a student abroad, migrant or a traveller. Because, deep down, we want this place to be an exchange of experiences.

We hope you like it and that you come join us (literally)!

From 4039km away,