Thursday, April 30

Lisbon, my love #2 | A tour to the photo album

Lisbon is my city, my love, the house that will always be mine. Therefore, I decided to share with you guys Lisbon through my eyes. Everyone has their favourite spot, mine is between Terreiro do Paço and Ribeira das Naus Avenue. We have the river in front of us, the city behind, and if we're lucky somebody will be singing or playing the guitar somewhere near, and it's also perfect for sunsets!
But Lisbon isn't just this. It's the river, yes, but mainly is people, smiles, sun and a lot of "saudade" (which is a portuguese word for something that misses; very beautiful!). I always thought that Lisbon was very melancholic, a city that touches everyone, because everyone that comes by completely falls in love with it. Lisbon is boats coming, tourists, talking loudly, ask for bitoques and drink coffee in the end. I love Lisbon. It's the city that understands me the most and I couldn't be more proud to be "alfacinha" (a word we call a person born in Lisbon).
I leave you with some of my favourite pictures I took along the years.

Close to the airport, 2011
A view along the river and the statue, 2010

Street of Lisbon, 2010

Traditional '28' tram, 2010

Downtown Lisbon, 2011

Augusta Street, 2011

Augusta Street, 2011

Augusta Street, 2010

Augusta Street, 2010
Augusta Street from the top, 2014

Tram in Terreiro do Paço, 2010

Terreiro do Paço, 2011

Terreiro do Paço from the top, 2015

Terreiro do Paço sunset, 2012
This is my favourite spot in Lisbon, that has so many spots for everyone. Which is yours?