Friday, April 24

Lisbon, my love #1 | O Labirinto Lisboa

This is the way of starting the first series of the blog. And to start the better way, we're going to Lisbon!
Who still doesn't know about Labirinto Lisboa? It's a new space, close to Mercado da Ribeira, and scary as hell. Last friday I went there and I ended up in the Wall of Shame. I know, I know, shame on me. The security guy told me that the most people give up in the first room. But backing up a little, you ask: what the heck is Labirinto Lisboa? Well, it's an attraction similar to a haunted house: it has 17 rooms/scenarios about the Portuguese history. It's scary, very scary, specially for people like me, super anxious about horror related stuff! Although, I still recommend that you go there because it's still an awesome experience and there is no other like it in Lisbon.

When you enter and after you buy the tickets, you can meet Envy: she's a really cute "zombie" that talks to you and makes you feel quite uncomfortable! But don't be afraid, she's not scary, actually she is quite funny. After that, you wait a bit (which is made so you get even more anxious and nervous) and then you can finally enter the maze. Everything's dark and very claustrophobic! The only thing I can say is go with someone you can hold on to very tightly!

Visit the website and the Facebook of Labirinto Lisboa. They accept dead bodies at wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays and sundays!