Monday, April 27

Keep calm cause it's King's Day! | HOLLAND

Everything's orangeeee! Yes, you're right! Today, the dutchies (as I gently like to call them) have the day off. Why? Because it's the King's Willem-Alexander birthday. And the Dutch surely know how to throw a party! That's why that in 27th April everyone goes outside dressed in orange and enjoys the best DJ's in town, sell old things in the traditional orange markets and also drink a special orange juice! Everyone knows the Dutch are very patriotic and love their mechanical orange more than anything and this day is one of the best proofs of it. But it's not just parties: it's also a tradition to eat the tompouce cakes with a orange cover.

The kings of the Netherlands, Willem and Máxima 
It's not just in Amsterdam but in every Dutch city there is at least one party dedicated to the King's Day. In Rotterdam, my future home, the party is at the Rotterdam Bridge. And how I miss it... Next year I'm dressed in orange for sure!